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I rode WI Trail Corridor 12 from Three Lakes, Wi to Sugar Camp, WI and Wi Funded Trail 11 from Hiles, WI today with four members of our club.  Temperature was in the low 20's with sunny skies.  The trails were in fair to good condition with a solid ice base and 0-2" of frozen granular surface.  The swamp areas are frozen solid.  Lakes are well marked and the word out on social media strongly suggests staying within 10' of the large orange barrels marking the routes.  There are still areas of open water on flowages and other areas of fast moving water.

One member on the ride experienced engine over heating due to the lack of loose snow on the trail and caused us to divert from our intended route and lunch destination.  We stopped at a snowmobile dealer/shop and had ice scratchers installed while we enjoyed lunch next door.

During the afternoon ride, we hit the southern Kimball Trail (11), just north of Hiles, WI and rode north back to Three Lakes.

This was the maiden ride on my new 2019 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 850 and I was amazed how much more comfortable this sled is over the 2016 Renegade X-RS 800.  Engine response is instant.  Ride comfort is much better then the 2016 and suspension and handling are much, much better and much more controllable than the 2016.  The Gen4 chassis so much better than the Gen3.  Yup!

My cell phone battery froze on the ride and I was not able to get any pictures as a result..


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