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So I've been to Tug Hill Vinyards in the Spring/Summer, but I've always wondered if it's accessible via snowmobile. Turns out, the answer is yes! My group rode there from C5B (the windmill trail) and it's exceptionally easy. Ride C5B until you hit Yancy road. Then follow Yancy to the Vinyard. Part of Yancy is unplowed road. Then you'll have to do a bit of road running. However, it's not any worse than the stretch of salmon river road headed towards Hook and Ladder.

The Vinyard is a pretty awesome place, so I wanted to give them a shout out here. It was a phenomenal snowmobile stop. We did a wine tasting and then stayed for a glass. I bought a few bottles too and they bubble wrapped them so that they weren't destroyed on the sled ride home.

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